One Day Childbirth Class

I am uniquely prepared to teach about labor, birth, and postpartum expectations. After almost a decade of working as a full-time, professional birth doula and attending 400 birthdays, I share my skills, tips and tools with students wishing to optimize their childbirth experience in a hospital setting. While I do hold the occasional group class, I prefer to work one-on-one with my clients to help them individually prepare for the realities of birth and parenthood.

A private lesson is held in the comfort of a client's home, where they receive hands-on training for what to expect in labor and postpartum, techniques for comfort and progress, and how to ready themselves for bringing baby home.

You'll gain: 

  • Up-to-date, evidence based birth information relevant to inductions, labor, delivery, and routine newborn procedures;

  • Labor comfort measures, positioning and relaxation techniques;

  • Self-care, postpartum and breastfeeding expectations;

  • Access to the online Learning Center to dive deeper into the current medical research, review your studies, watch videos, and read tips for labor and advocating for your choices in childbirth.

You'll be prompted to specify your needs and tailor your lesson as you desire. I suggest you take this in-home birthing class between weeks 33-38 of your pregnancy.


ONE DAY Childbirth Class In Pinellas Park

Partners are encouraged to participate - this is hands-on training for an optimal birth experience. Group class topics include WHAT TO EXPECT in labor, common newborn procedures at the hospital, LABOR COMFORT MEASURES and postpartum expectations.

Once per quarter, I hold a group childbirth class with 4-6 couples in attendance. The next group class will be held in the St Pete area late September. Check back soon for details!