Are you certified as a doula?

Yes. In 2010, I received my certificate of completion from Childbirth International as a Certified Labor Doula. Additionally, I trained as an educator of The Happiest Baby on the Block method and received my certification to teach the program also in 2010. In 2013, I received certification as a Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypno Doula.

Here is my name with the funny letters after it: Cynthya Dzialo, CLD, CHBE, HCHD.  If you want to learn more about my work as a birth doula and advocate, please review the About Cynthya page.


Will you support me if I choose an epidural?

YES!!!! I've been told by many clients that they seek doula support and childbirth classes because they desire unmedicated childbirth and since they don't know what to expect during labor or how they might react, they want my help to achieve their goals. Some women hire me as their doula to help them delay the use of an epidural during labor and want guidance as to when to get it and still keep labor progressing. I've got special tricks and tools for medicated births! In fact, I teach a workshop for Labor & Delivery nurses at Northside Hospital, which includes a demonstration of positions to be used for medicated labor and the pushing/birthing stage.



How many births have you been to?

I've had the honor of supporting 375 birthdays! By now, I've witnessed about 175 waterbirths, two dozen VBACs (vaginal birth after caesarean), and three breech deliveries all in a hospital setting.

A rough guesstimate indeed, but I've likely supported:

150 water and land births at Atlanta Medical Center with Intown Midwifery
25 water and land births at North Fulton Regional Hospital with ISIS or Providence
25 births at Emory Midtown with Emory OBGYN and Dr. Joseph Tate

75 births at Piedmont Hospital (Atlanta)
100 births at Northside Hospital (Atlanta/Perimeter)

Additionally, I've been at various other hospitals over the span of 9 years working as a birth doula. I have experience working at DeKalb Medical, Kennestone, Gwinnett Medical, Piedmont Henry, etc.

How many clients do you work with per month?

Once upon a time, I worked with 5-6 clients per month, which was fun but very hard to maintain. To effectively support my clients, I currently work with 2-3 clients per month. Sometimes only 1 or 2. 

Usually, my calendar fills up many months in advance so don't delay to secure my support as your doula. Occasionally, an opening becomes available and I can contract with a "last minute" client - just ask me!  

What is your service area? Where do you live?

I choose to work with doula clients that live near my home or the hospital so I can get to them quickly during labor. I live in Reynoldstown, near the East Atlanta Village. Atlanta Medical Center is 1.5 miles from my front door! Emory Midtown is about 2.5 miles, and DeKalb, Piedmont and Northside, are 15-20 minutes away. I live practically on top of I-20 for easy access.

North Fulton Regional is a bit of a hike for me but I will attend waterbirths there with the midwives from ISIS and Providence.

Starting late February 2018, I'll begin spending winters in the Tampa - Clearwater - St. Petersburg area. I am available for hire to attend births at any area hospital or birth center.


When I'm in labor, will you come to my home or wait until I go to the hospital?

I will meet you at your home during labor. Many women choose to stay at home as long as they are comfortable doing so and together we decide when it is time to leave for the hospital.  

Labor often stops and starts again, sometimes over the span of a few days time, so we'll decide together when it is the right time for me to join you at home. If labor progresses quickly, and I think you are approaching transition, I will advise you to head straight to the hospital and I'll meet you there instead of at your home.

Do you have a back-up team in place?

Yes! I rely on an excellent team of doulas in Atlanta to provide back-up support for me if two clients need assistance at the same time. All are certified, experienced doulas and are part of my group, The Happiest Doulas.

Although this hasn't been necessary to date, as a fail-safe, my clients are provided with the contact information of my back-up doula team in case I cannot be reached during a labor. I want to be sure that all women who want doula support receive it during childbirth.